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Levi Strauss & Co. is an American clothing company known worldwide for its Levi's brand of denim jeans. It was founded in May 1853 when German immigrant Levi Strauss moved from Buttenheim, Bavaria, to San Francisco, California to open a west coast branch of his brothers' New York dry goods business. The company's corporate headquarters is located in Levi's Plaza in San Francisco.

User "Jaala C", in July 2020, on the "ProductReview" website, heads a review of Levis jeans as "Worst fabric":

"I lovely fitted them, treated them gently with a minimal and gentle wash. However, after two washes the fabric had bubbled and blown out around both knees, around one hip and around the ankles, and continued to get worse. The worst jeans I have ever bought, such a disappointment and I expected better from Levi's. It seems that all this fabric combination of stretchy stuff and less actual cotton makes for an inferior product."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Politics, Bad Management and Team. This company is not great to work as a Full time employee. If you are a contractor then you can join until you find a better opportunity."

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"Inside sucks - more like a factory culture"

Former Employee - Order Picker says

"shabby training by a group of unorganized ineffective people who's only interest is dragging the process out as long as possible /they get extra pay for training. No effort made to train consistently on Heavy Equipment Lifts you'll use, often elevated 50+ feet above the concrete floor. Attractive & younger women get most of the training while lesser so and men get very little at all but a lot of standing around waiting for training that will not come. Process takes 2-3 weeks for certification, then trained & comfortable or not, you are thrust into a power lift by yourself & expected to produce at a rate equal to those who have been here for years. You will have a lead who does not help you succeed or give positive feedback or guidance, only derogatory remarks and opinions of what a moron you are. The union reps are never available & wont return calls or messages, Human Resources wont help, managers only look to write you up, the Lunch room is 10 minutes away so you have to eat in 10 and be on your way back or you get written up. Finally if you last 2 months without injuring your self another or, especially the machine you are not properly trained to use, you get laid off when it slows down, I promise. They have "favorites" who've been there 10-20 25 years who they will keep year round, but everyone else...its a Seasonal Product, You will be Laid Off soon, NO warning, uou are Underpaid $8-$13 an hour versus if you did this job anywhere else no Holiday pay No Hazard pay despite 50+ ' work elevation that warrants Hazard pay, finally no levis are made in USA anymore, all from overseas, the best 501s are made in mexico $ still cost 100 per."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"4am shifts, 3 hour shifts, bad employee discount"

Current Employee - Warehouse Operator says

"If they treat people like this in the USA, they run sweatshops around the world to make the clothes..."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Work you live a slave"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"$12.65/hr is far less than similar jobs pay at every other place that does the same thing - order picking on heavy equipment, and we are 40 feet in the air; Slotted B coordinator Alvin: unfair unprofessional abusive plays favorites often unavailable, even via radio Lack of fully functional equipment, lack of understanding that when sing the margingal equipnent, production for those ee's will be much less than 100% Refusal to accept that those assigned to the dead zones have a good chance at less than 50% production as there is NO internet connection to work with meaning zero production until you magically reconnect, youmay have to drive around the wh to reconnect only to return to dead zone and disconnect, Supposedly the recently redid the wifi.....if so they got ripped off. lots of others"

Current Employee - Stylist says

"Managers are inconsistent and cannot provide feedback when asked, overstaffed so everyone gets low hours (forcing people to quit or look for second jobs), environment is terrible (not worth staying if you only find one or two good apples), overall moral is low"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not sure where to start but I have never worked in such a disorganized environment. There is no direction where the team is headed to. There is no clear documentation and you will put on a task without any context or domain knowledge given to you. There is no strong technical leadership within the team. Team has about 90% contractors and it’s super chaotic. Small access requests like github access will take weeks and then you would be ask to work on a task without any codebase. Story planning sessions are so disorganized. How do you spend 5 hours on a sprint planning session that leaves everyone super confused and then expect people to give story estimation points?"

Former Employee - Seasonal Sales Associate says

"Plenty. - Overmanagement to the point of not even being allowed to eat a quick 2 minute snack on downtime. - Tendency to give 4 hour shifts once a week, then being shifted for 12 hours on a Black Friday sale day. - Leaving when your shift ends and not staying extra places you at risk for not receiving any hours. - Extremely repetitive and tedious work with barely any customer interaction because barely any came in. Overall, the experience was pretty horrible even for retail standards."

Recieving Associate (Former Employee) says

"Treat temps like garbage. & You get paid less than anyone. Training is none existent!!! & For temps they use you then throw you away. With no chance on getting hired perm."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"There is no work life balance with this company. They don't pay very well for the job you. Managers and union frat together so even in union you wont have much say. Employees male up lies to manager which gets a person terminated . if you kiss butt maybe you will stay there. I will never again be associated with company such as this."

Medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Slechte organisatie. Geen goede begeleiding. Er bestaat geen afdeling Personeelszaken. Je moet maanden wachten op je contract en kunt nergens terecht met je probleem/klachten. Laat van betalen. Zitten er niet mee om dreigementen te uiten."

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone to work at levi strauss and co because the base wage is 15 dollars per hour. The management team don't care about the employees. All management care about is getting their bonuses by any means. Alot of unfair practices. Alot of favouritism for senior employees. Management don't listen to the employees."

sale asistent (Former Employee) says

"Jste všem jedno, jste jen panáčci do jim tam prodávají, plat špatný, očůrají Vás jak to jen jde. Na vše se čeká"

Shipping (Former Employee) says

"No real training, insecure older workers and confusing management. Went there through an agency and just exploited. Big waste of time. If you do something wrong they don't advise on how to get better."

Order Filler, Stocker and Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Don't ever work here. Management is horrible. They can send you home every day with only 4 hours a day. They talk to you like your stupid and beneath them. They don't even follow the contract.NothingBad Management, horrible pay, not enough hours, lack integrity and empaty."

Flex Pac Operator (Current Employee) says

"My opinion of this company is that it would be a great company to work for if they really look into who they're letting have the run of things and forget it's a job not a sweat shop when you're running a business you really supposed to be honest, courteous, kind, respectful, helpful,not trying to bring a person down and in the same note using those exact words I typed above, if you're not practicing those words why tell the employee that Levi's needs to get it together great place terrible management"

Lead Stylist (Current Employee) says

"You never get raise, the managers act like they care but when you need something they don't do nothing to really help. Hours are not too good and managers are not either."

subgerente de tienda (Former Employee) says

"si no eres amigo de alguien no creces o te hartan... mala gestion de distritales apadrinados déspotas soberbios lame botas gerentes ineficientes pero con contactos que los hacen crecer y lucir a pesar de los malos resultados los cobijan. te mencionan una planta que llega de ser candidato a pasar el primer contrato trimestral. pero eso se vuelve en años de espera y en ocasiones para los amigos o recomendados es de un dia a otro. outsourcing fatal cambian de razón social pierdes puntos de infonavit. gerente de satelite amenaza tiene club de amigos rateros pero nadie dice nada. contrata personal a modo... que sirve de tapadera....no hayout soursing"

Dependienta (Current Employee) says

"Un horario muy poco estable y mal ambiente de trabajo"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"My location (Miami Dolphin Mall) was horrible. The general manager was very unprofessional, would constantly display rude behaviour, and has the charisma of a wet sock. She would yell at her employees and talk down on them. Overall very low pay, very childish environment and abusive managers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS"


"Ils virent les gens pour rien a la tête du client des malades mentaux rongés par le travail alors que c'est une marque qui génère du chiffre facilementPlutôt payé correctement"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was new to the area and previously worked as a stock associate for another company and figured since Levi’s was hiring it to be a perfect fit and fortunately it was terrible coming into the store nobody introduced themselves everyone was very unfriendly and just staring management was very poor here and no one knew what they were doing and they literally had me covering what everyone else couldn’t do when originally I had applied for stock associate adding to the stock associates were not too friendly either and would be so rude"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I was only offered 10-15 hours weekly. The days I was supposed to work I would get calls saying not to come in due to over hiring. I did enjoy meeting new customers.CustomersNot enough hours"

Verkäuferin bei Levis Ingolstadt village (Former Employee) says

"Die Arbeit hat mir sehr gut gefallen Freude bereitet konnte gute Erfahrungen sammeln bin selbstbewusster dadurch geworden nette Kollegen gehabt viel Arbeit und trotzdem immer wieder gelacht am liebsten habe ich Kunden beratenKostenlos Outfit und Getränke- zu wenig Gehalt"

satış danismani (Former Employee) says

"yeni açılan mağazalarında çalıştım ve satış birincisi olmanıza rağmen sadece bir ay olmadığınız için işten çıkaran bir firma yönetim deseniz berbat kariyer derseniz yerinizde sayarsiniz siz elimizden gelenin en iyisini bile yapsanız bir şey olamıyorsunuz çünkü yöneticisini dışardan alan iğrenç bir firma bir de çalışana değer veriyormuş gibi bir slayt izletirler ama bunu hiç bir şekilde uygulamazlar özellikle bölge müdürü diye sedat diye biri var o işten anlıyor gibi gözükür ama hiç bir şey bilmez yüzünüze başka arkanızdan başka konuşur is yapmayanlar çalışır yapanları ise gönderen nezaketsiz ve iğrenç bir firma ."

Stock picker (Former Employee) says

"Needed a good job (ASAP) went through a temp service to get hired in at Levi Strauss. (Biggest mistake I've made.) They treated me just like I didn't belong there and pushed me out in less then a year. I was not aloud PTO, so I couldn't and didn't miss a day of work and was never late. But because I went through a temp job company they cand me soon as my contract time was up. There was no benefits as a temp at all. The pay was under 12 bucks (as a stock picker/lift truck driver) and there was no paid lunch as a temp. Don't work here unless you don't mind not having a life. They don't tell you in advance about the schedule. You won't know about working the weekends or Fridays until the end of the shift.A lot of workTo many"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"No recognition, Upper management is disorganized, Overall this company really left a bad taste in my mouth. They helped build and renovate a multi-million dollar stadium while giving its employees minimal raises and starting most low end employees at minimum wage. even if your store is beyond profitable compared to others in the company, within the highest margins of the company. you can miss one month to plan out of a year and be treated like an absolute failure! the training programs are disorganized and personally i was looked over for promotions several times given a pipe dream of opportunity. I love the brand but from an internal perspective I would never work for this company again because of their lack of empathy and respect for their employees."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, company was mismanaged and closed. Busy store in Sunrise, Florida, great for potential sales, but not enough staff or security to maintain merchandise from being stolen.BusyManagement"

Tom D says

"I have been a loyal Levi's customer over the years, but am so disappointed by the customer service I received that I will be boycotting them and encouraging others to do the same. I ordered and paid for some jeans online on the 11th November while on holiday, due to arrive 9-10 days later. I checked the progress online on the 22nd to see that the order was still being processed, I reached out to customer service asking if there would be a delay, I was told my items are due to arrive on the 24th. They did not. And I was not notified about the delay. I then reached out to customer service to complain who then assured me they had been delivered on the 2nd December, again without notification. I queued up in the post office, waiting for over an hour to find that they had in fact, not been delivered to the PO box and they had no record of that tracking number/item. I contacted Levi's to request a refund and they had the cheek to request I follow up with the courier myself and will not offer me a refund until the item is returned to them. I am no longer even in the country."

Will Smith says

"I bought a pair of jeans for my wife 5th pair this year and I've used the shop in the Metrocentre from when it first opened and previously Newcastle. I know the jeans are expensive for what they are and there are probably better value for money out there but she likes them.
This time I noticed the price had increased and asked the assistant why and was told due to what was happening in Europe the prices had been increased. I bought the jeans in December so there should have been no increase. Anyway I took them away as I'd already committed to the purchase and my wife knew they were going to be a gift. When I went to remove the price tag I noticed that the original price tag had not been removed and that price was £10 cheaper than the price placed on top. Surely the jeans where in the store and priced before any increase and the store are just pricing them as they see fit. Does anyone know if this is legal ? I'm sure it can't be and have questioned them about it but guess what. Just like a lot of you guys I'm still to get a response. I completed the online purchase and received a discount if anyone wants the code as I'll never buy from them again"

Nathan Cunningham says

"This is the review I left on the Levi's website which was deemed unsuitable for publishing:

"I was pretty happy with the jeans that arrived until, after a few days of wear, I reached into the back pocket to discover a receipt for a German store dated a few weeks earlier. I'm Irish and have not been near Germany recently. I understand that people return items, but for the item not to have been thoroughly inspected and, I assume, cleaned (the receipt shows no wear indicating having been washed) before being sent to a new customer is extremely disappointing. I would expect this from a fast fashion company, but would expect better from Levis.""

Jeff says

"I'm not sure why there isn't a possibility to even go lower on the experience than 1 star.

I purchased a pair of Levi shoes which were comfortable, but the soles on both shoes came off after only wearing them less than 15 times.

Levi's wants me to send them back at my cost even though I purchased them locally.

Seems that their Chinese made products are so poorly constructed they probably get a high level of returns. If they make it more difficult and costly to return them, they won't get as many returns. Smart short term marketing, but they've lost a 50 year customer."

emily stewart says

"I ordered 8 pairs of jeans during their indigo sale I get them in the mail no problem I try them on for the first time they don’t fit I need a size up I ordered 27 I need a size 28 I see that they have an online exchange where I can exchange one size for another so that’s what I did I printed out a packing slip put the items with all the receipts and tags and everything back in the bag and then I took my return to Walgreens a week goes by and I hear nothing so I check my emails and I receive an email that says part of my order is canceled meaning they don’t have my exchange size so I go back onto the app and I double check to see if they have it and they do yet they canceled my stuff without giving me a reason so I said ok ? And decided to wait another week then I go onto my email and more items are canceled for some strange reason so then I go and check the website and all the stuff I tried to exchange was still in stock everything was still in stock so why continue to cancel my order ? So I call customer service and they said my items were canceled because they were out of stock and I explained to this person that they aren’t out of stock on the website and so then they said we will give you those 2 pairs for free then I said ok sure then a couple days later I get those 2 pairs in the mail while I’m still waiting on my original exchange which should’ve been simple in the first place since I was just wanting EVERYTHING in a size up then i go on and reorder the items then a few days later one pair shoes up in the mail I try that on but I couldn’t remember which order that pair was from my exchange or my second purchase I’m sitting waiting another week so then I call them again because I don’t know where my order is at and stuff keeps getting canceled again I reorder more items that weren’t showing up and then I get 2 big bags a week later and there’s 2 pairs of the same jeans in every design that I ordered so then at this point I decided to try them on and I figured out what looked good and what didn’t after that fiasco I’m so pissed that I didn’t want to be around those jeans but they knew that they messed up because they sent me 4 20% off coupons in each bag so I waited until today to return these jeans I cal the store to MAKE SURE they are doing returns at this time they said yes then I tell them that my order was messed up from online then they said that it might go through the system and it might not since it’s an online order if it doesn’t go though our system you will have to call our 1-800 number and deal with doing ANOTHER online return we will see what happens when I get to the store they might not be able to return my stuff I just want a refund I’m not asking for free things or for coupons I just want my money back on my card"

Alain v Berrebi says

"I bought a pair of Levi's from the store online and they were too big. when I try to exchange them there were no others in stock. When you return something they charge you $7.50 to print the label. In actuality they're charging you to return it. You couple that with the fact that when I looked up the same exact jeans on Amazon they were $25 cheaper. Stay away from Levi's."

Ben Davies says

"Absolutely Shocking, I ordered a shirt basing the size on their website, it arrived and was way bigger than advised, I’d say a complete size up from their own website sizing,
I therefore sent it back the same day, I then contacted them 2 weeks later to ask what’s happened to my refund, they then make me fill out a proof of postage, which I did, only for them to resend the item that I sent to them, gormless and incompetence customer service,
I’m now told after originally waiting 30 days with no refund that the refund will take a further 3 weeks as their policy states, gob smacked at how a company still survives with this shocking customer service and stinking attitude"

Golbarg Kirkland says

"What’s going on with my parcel???? It was supposed to arrive on Friday the 18th of December and it never arrived and tracking shows it has been returned to the local depot! Iv tried to contact DPD no response!!! I have sent numerous emails to your customer services & on your Facebook page still nothing!!! What’s going on with this parcel??????????????
There has been no email no contact no notification what’s going on with my order???
The address is correct & full! Whats the problem?
I want my refund ASAP
Order number 1035904637"

Vaughan Williams says

"I've worn Levi's since I was a kid - but in the past few years the quality and durability has really gone downhill. I saw on Twitter they were banging on about how a pair will last a lifetime so commented that my last couple of pairs have worn out within 12 - 18 months of purchase. Cue their "consumer relations" department getting involved and demanding a forensic examination of my jeans, pictures of the care label, etc... only to trumphantly declare that this particular pair were manufactured in 2017. Their official position is that their jeans should only last two years - far from a lifetime!

(For the record, this pair was purchased 8/12/19, so almost exactly a year ago, meaning it wore out at the crotch around 10 - 11 months from purchase - sooner than I thought! - for some reason their response has disproportionately annoyed me so I'll never buy another pair of Levi's again)."

Georgie W says

"Awful service. Order is late. No response to emails. Customer service line cuts off. I want to cancel my order but no way of doing this. I have left messages on Instagram. It’s been over two weeks since I ordered.
A lazy company that does not care."

Mike Reilly says

"4 button button fly jeans?????
I’ve had horrible experiences each of the last 2 years with online ordering from Levis but fell for $100 selvedge jeans. Ordered 36x30 and received 30x30... but the worst part was one less button on the button fly. Unbelievable the lengths clothing manufacturers will go to in order to increase margin. To top it off they “moderated” the above review and wouldn't publish it. Never again Levi’s."

nicolas Arroyo says

"Ordered a jacket from their online store and waited about a week with no updates on it and decided to contact customer support and was told it would be canceled because they couldn’t fulfill the order. I got the jacket on a Black Friday deal and got it for a really good price I should’ve known it was too good to be true. Disappointed as this would be the first thing I get from Levi’s online. Please avoid the online store its not worth your time just go to the brick and mortar store."

Jay says

"Don't buy online from levi's . A month to get your money back ,no notification to let you know they've received the return ,absolute amateurs. Messenger ignored me mid conversation and telephonist rude and indifferent."

Carlos says

"So I ordered a pair of trousers online for a birthday gift, didn't fit, sent them back for an exchange using their return label system, pretty straight forward.
Package arrived at their storage, I got a confirmation email and then radio silence for a week or so. No surprise there, with covid and all.
So I contacted costumer services via email. I got a reply from Karolina saying the whole process usually takes 3 weeks to sort out and told me to wait. Fair enough, but that's not what it says on their policy, which according to it, after they receive the returned item in their warehouse I should immediately know if I can get the item wanted or a refund instead. After I told her that, radio silence again.
So I decided to wait a bit longer. Still nothing. At this point, it just didn't make sense anymore. Contacted them again, this time to ask for a refund instead and got Karolina again. Another back and forth of "3 weeks", "your policy" etc etc, she tells me a refund is not possible.
The next day I call and, thankfully, Mathius answers the phone. He tells me the refund was processed immediately after they received my returned item. Long story short, Karolina never even bothered to check my order status.
Love Levi's, but next time I will wait for the shops to open. Online is a never again"

Hazel Cobham says

"I ordered a top for my dads birthday, 3 days later they’ve told me there’s a cancellation my dads birthday is in 2 days, I am disgusted with this and wont be getting a full refund as they are keeping the money I paid for delivery!"

Savannah Pounds says

"Ordered a gift for my boyfriend on the 21st of November. It’s now the 30th. First they said it’d be delivered the 24, then the 27, then the 29. Now they’re saying they don’t know when it will be delivered. It never gives me any updates and they can’t even keep track of my order."

Sam weeks says

"My girlfriend has just ordered me a christmas present from levis, it arrived yesterday and they left it outside the front door at 9am with neither of us home till 6pm, of course someone picked this up and stole it and levis say is not there fault or problem, shut us down and wont take it any further. Didn't even care about this from the get go just want to ignore it"

Erin Draycott Grill says

"I wrote the following review about my husbands jeans experience with Levi’s. Levi’s refused to post the review. “My husband has many pairs of Levi’s and we decided to buy online this time. Unfortunately this pair of jeans is just too tight on him. It’s not size related, it’s the cut. I went to do an exchange online and they only let you exchange for the same style of pants in a different size. WHat kind of exchange is that?! How are you supposed to shop online if you can’t exchange for a different style. Now Levi’s expects me to pay another $7.50 for shipping. And if I get a new pair of jeans for him that’s another $7.50. By the end of the shopping experience I will have paid more than $22 dollars just on shipping fees. I shop for myself online all the time and most places do free returns or exchanges. Levi’s has lost our business. I’m disappointed! It’s a poor exchange/return policy. Keep up with other companies.“

I will never shop with Levi’s again. I think it’s sneaky and fraudulent to edit or deny customers reviews. The only power online shoppers have is The review."

Jackson says

"I recently purchased a jacket and it has frays pulls and the stuffing is coming out at the seam. The customer service via the email is completely substandard. Their procedure require me driving during a lockdown period to post the jacket for them to carry out an inspection despite having provided photos. Then to conduct an investigation and then contact me for an outcome. Then and only then may. They try to resolve.

I feel that these procedures are lengthy and cumbersome in order to deter people from wishing to seek a resolution swiftly and I believe this is unsatisfactory for a company who, in your words, “take the quality of their products very seriously”.

I won’t risk leaving or having to deal face to face with a courier over a jacket whilst we are looking after vulnerable family. But rest assured I am not happy with the outcome and my feeling towards the brand, it’s quality and how they deal with customers complaints sub standard."

Danielle says

"Terrible customer service team. I placed an order for a tshirt during their Black Fridays promotion that was showing as avaliable at the time of purchase. Three days later Levis cancelled my order and advised "we couldn't fulfil your order because it was either cancelled or out of stock." I went back onto their website and could see that the tshirt was avaliable and it was now back at full price.

I mailed the customer services team only to be told "Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the availability of stock when an order is processed at warehouse." I wouldn't order from here again!"

Aatist says

"I have worn and loved Levis for decades. The fit is perfect for me. When they started to get shitty (thin polyester blend fabric), I was able to buy my beloved 99% cotton 505s on ebay for a while, but those are gone now too. The only cotton jeans they have left for women have a damn button fly. Why can\'t they make just one all cotton classic straight-leg jean for women, with a zipper for god\'s sake??? Instead they keep getting cheesier and cheesier."

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